Care Certificate and Support

We provide care certificates and uninterrupted support to all our trained members and employers.

What is the catch?

Obtaining a Care Certificate can appear to be a tough milestone for many caregivers. Here at Trent Nursing, our comprehensive and extensive training and courses will help new caregivers to get their care certificates, helping them explore greater career opportunities in the sector.

Mandatory Training

Mandatory training is an obligatory requirement that places responsibility on staff to keep up to date with regulatory guidelines. We meet all compliance requirements in line with current guidelines both local and national, e.g. DoH, NMC, CQC, etc.

Online Courses

We offer online courses as well to streamline our training procedures. All our online courses are accredited and in line with the universally accepted Continuous Professional Development (CPD) standards.

Reputable Stakeholders

Trent Nursing Agency works with stakeholders with reputable high standards for online training, which is available 24 hours a day. We never compromise on the quality and standards of our online training procedures.

Face-to-face Courses

We arrange for necessary courses such as PMVA, Manual Handling, and Immediate Life support.

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