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At Trent Nursing we extremely value human touch and we thrive on building long term relationships with our clients. We believe that within the healthcare sector, it is imperative that recruitment agencies do more than just place people when clients are in desperate need.

Trent nursing hold consistency and preparation close to our hearts. To enable us to be the top of our game in the Healthcare sector we offer a bespoke package of selection, training and consistency, by ensuring that regular staff are available to our clients. We are fanatical about patient and candidate safety.

Our size allows us to focus on building relationships which last and allow us to become not only suppliers of staff but brand ambassadors for our clients.

The struggle to fill up vacancies, the issue of patient safety, the need for quality care and the importance of achieving these demands cost effectively resonates with us as a recruitment agency and that is why we encourage clients to approach us and leave the rest to us.

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How do we achieve this

How do we achieve this?

Although Trent Nursing deals primarily with temporary recruitment, we don’t follow the usual common pattern within the sector of supplying staff without regard for consistency, and well prepared staff.

We offer a bespoke package of selection, training and recruitment of a team of nurses available to the client on an ongoing and regular basis as required by our clients. We believe that within the healthcare sector, recruitment agencies are now required to do more than just placing people when clients are in desperate moments.

Trent Nursing likes to create opportunities for clients to have regular staff whilst still keeping within budget and leading to greater patient safety with regular temp nurses. Any contribution that promotes patient safety has value.

What else can we offer

What else can we offer?

At Trent Nursing we understand the rising need for high standards of care and inevitability to invest in training and development. As a result, to accommodate this growing need, our services extend to providing bespoke training packages for our candidates as well as for our clients.

Ensuring that we provide appropriately trained staff means a lot to both clients and candidates. We therefore not stop on standard training provision but more specialists training relevant to client service.

Our in house training partners allow us to train staff as and when is it required by the client without having to wait for ‘sufficient numbers’ of staff needing the required training, this means that our clients have the advantage of being able to ensure that all workers meet their standards for care. We also offer bespoke training packages for our clients’ permanent staff on request.

how can we help you

How can we help you?

Due to the bespoke nature of what we offer to our clients we look closely at our margins and offer competitive pricing and enhanced support dependent on client needs. We are able to nurture our staff as nurses and invest in their professional development to make sure that you always have the best possible staff to fulfil your roles.

As our motto states ‘we are responsive to client needs’ this means not just a superficial responsiveness with layers of bureaucracy, it means that all of our clients are assigned an account manager who is able to make decisions beneficial to all parties and in a more transparent fashion.

Our dedicated well experienced staff ensures that clients are provided with candidates well suited and trained to work within specialist areas. We have a dedicated manager for each specific area in our efforts to deliver effective and timely staffing solutions.

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