Anti-Slavery and Human Trafficking Policy

Trent Nursing promotes Equality and Human Rights. Trent Nursing promote awareness of concerns surrounding slavery and human trafficking and is fully committed in addressing slavery and human trafficking in all its forms. An annual statement will be produced, where applicable.

It is unlikely that Trent Nursing will experience cases of slavery or human trafficking, however our Anti-Slavery and Human Trafficking Policy details the commitment of Trent Nursing to raise awareness and defines a process to address issues if they do arise, and to acknowledge that human trafficking and modern slavery are a safeguarding matter.

Slavery and human trafficking is classed as abuse. All staff will be made aware of the issues surrounding slavery and human trafficking, whilst being encouraged and supported to report any concerns to Trent Nursing management. Trent Nursing will also support any staff that may be subject to slavery or human trafficking. It is therefore our duty as an employment business to ensure that only staff whose credentials can be confirmed are employed.

In situations of slavery or human trafficking being identified, Trent Nursing will share this information with the Lincolnshire Safeguarding Team to safeguard the individual from harm and with the objective of preventing future situations arising, to promote the elimination of routes and sources of slavery or human trafficking.

Staff Requirements

All staff engaged with providing services at Trent Nursing Limited will be subject to thorough and rigorous recruitment procedures that will include a DBS check, identity check, confirmation of validity to work in the UK, employment history, suitability for the role and references. This will minimise the chance of employing a person that has been, or is subject to, slavery or human trafficking.

Trent Nursing will only use staff provided by third party organisations (such as agencies) that are registered with the regulator, and who can confirm that the staff being supplied are free to work in the UK and meet all the requirements for the role being provided for.

All staff will receive information about slavery and human trafficking.
Staff will be advised that if they are subject to slavery or human trafficking, if they are aware of any individual that may be subject to slavery or has been trafficked, or if slavery or human trafficking is disclosed to them they must inform the Registered Manager of Trent Nursing Limited or the police.

Incidences of Slavery and Human Trafficking

The Responsible Individual, Margaret Storer is the main point of contact within Trent Nursing for the reporting of cases and with the ability to act and advise on actions to be taken.
If a specific case of slavery or human trafficking is identified it must be reported to the Registered Manager and Margaret Storer at Trent Nursing, as well as the police in the first instance. Where applicable, the Lincolnshire must be informed and a notification submitted to the Care Quality Commission.
In the UK, mechanisms are in place to assist victims of slavery and human trafficking and they can be offered government-funded support. The National Referral Mechanism, or the Modern Slavery Helpline on 0800 0121 700 are two such sources of support.

Review of Effectiveness

Trent Nursing intends to take further steps to identify, assess and monitor potential risk areas in terms of modern slavery and human trafficking, particularly in the supply chains of our providers. We will also continue to:
- Support our staff to understand and respond to modern slavery and human trafficking, and the impact that each and every individual working in Care can have in keeping present and potential future victims of modern slavery and human trafficking safe
- Gain assurance that all staff at Trent Nursing have access to training on how to identify victims of modern slavery and human trafficking
- Review Trent Nursing Safeguarding Policy and Procedure to ensure that Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking are integral within the content and staff are directed to support and advice as needed.

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